Positive Notes

So in the vein of more positive thinking I’ve found a couple of nice things.    The Plastic Bank (http://plasticbank.org/) is a lovely sounding organisation that has put a price on plastic.  By giving value to plastic they are encouraging people to collect it.  These people are then paid a fair price for the plastic so you are improving environmental and societal outcomes.  The plastic collected is recycled and sold to companies, thus they are also advocates for encouraging businesses to use recycled plastic rather than encouraging the production of more plastic.

Also, someone has worked out how to recycle tyres sustainably (http://www.governmentnews.com.au/2015/04/has-an-aussie-start-up-cracked-how-to-make-tyre-recycling-sustainable-and-profitable/).  No social benefits here but sounds like a positive solution to a large problem.

The short sightedness of companies just after money with no concern for the waste they leave behind is really upsetting and the lack of politicians expecting these profit driven companies to be accountable for cleaning up their mess is just as upsetting if not more so.  How have we allowed this for so long?  Why do we continue to allow it, even partake in it because it’s the easier option?

Obama expressed some anger fairly well here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkAK9QRe4ds.  Okay, it’s mainly about journalism and he cuts himself off but he starts getting to the point.  Something we’ll never see our prime minister do.



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